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Welcome to the Resources page of Marguerite Cassandra Toroian’s blog. Here, you will find a curated selection of educational materials, tools, platforms, videos, podcasts, research papers, and online courses related to Web3 and DeFi. These resources are designed to help you navigate and understand the exciting world of decentralized technology and finance.

1. Educational Articles and Guides

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Web3
    • This comprehensive guide explains the basics of Web3 technology, its principles, and how it differs from Web2. Learn how Web3 aims to transform the digital landscape and empower users.
    • Read more on Coinbase
  • DeFi: What Is Decentralized Finance?
    • Dive into the fundamentals of decentralized finance, including how it works, its benefits, and its potential to revolutionize traditional financial systems.
    • Read more on Investopedia

2. Tools and Platforms

  • Top 10 Web3 Wallets
    • Discover the best Web3 wallets for storing and managing your digital assets securely. Compare features and find the right wallet for your needs.
    • Read more on Alchemy
  • The Best DeFi Platforms
    • Explore leading DeFi platforms, their unique features, and how they are changing the financial landscape. Learn about the most popular platforms for lending, borrowing, and trading digital assets.
    • Read more on BitCoinMarketJournal

3. Videos and Webinars

  • Introduction to Blockchain
    • Watch this educational video to understand blockchain technology and its applications in Web3. Learn about the core concepts and how blockchain is set to revolutionize various industries.
    • Watch on YouTube
  • DeFi 101: Introduction to Decentralized Finance
    • This webinar covers the basics of decentralized finance, explaining how DeFi platforms work and their impact on traditional finance. Ideal for beginners looking to understand DeFi.
    • Watch on YouTube

4. Podcasts and Interviews

  • Don’t Buy the Bull Podcast
    • Listen to Cassandra Toroian’s podcast “Don’t Buy the Bull,” where she shares insights on investing, the economy, and the world of decentralized finance. Each episode offers valuable perspectives and practical advice.
    • Listen on Buzzsprout
  • Unchained Podcast
    • Tune into the Unchained Podcast for interviews with industry leaders discussing the future of Web3 and DeFi. Gain insights from experts and stay updated on the latest developments in the crypto world.
    • Listen on Unchained Podcast

5. Research Papers and Reports

  • Web3 Research Papers
    • Access a collection of scholarly articles and whitepapers on Web3 technologies. These research papers provide in-depth analysis and findings on various aspects of Web3.
    • Read more on arXiv
  • DeFi Industry Report
    • Comprehensive reports on the state of decentralized finance, including market trends, analysis, and future predictions. Stay informed about the DeFi landscape with these detailed reports.
    • Read more on Messari

6. Online Courses

  • Introduction to Blockchain Technologies by INSEAD
    • This course provides a solid foundation in blockchain technology and its applications. Learn from industry experts and gain practical knowledge to apply in real-world scenarios.
    • Enroll on Coursera
  • DeFi and the Future of Finance by Duke University
    • Explore the world of decentralized finance with this comprehensive course. Understand the key components of DeFi, its benefits, and its potential impact on the financial industry.
    • Enroll on Coursera
  • Blockchain Basics by University at Buffalo
    • This beginner-level course covers the essentials of blockchain technology. Ideal for those new to the field, it provides a thorough introduction to blockchain concepts and applications.
    • Enroll on Coursera


We hope these resources provide you with valuable information and tools to deepen your understanding of Web3 and DeFi. Stay tuned for more updates and additions to this page. If you have any suggestions or requests for specific resources, feel free to reach out!